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Hello and thank you for your interest in me.

Throughout my two decades of professional experience I have adopted many roles from Technical Support to Lead Senior Software Engineer and Managing Director through my current position as Chief Technology Officer. I have a wide skill-set and pay attention to details. I have been an entrepreneur and founded several multi-million dollar companies and hold Patent No. US 8,244,589 B2.

As a developer, I am extremely versatile and can perform many roles while multitasking. My strengths are in building tools, automation, interfaces, APIs, data mining and report generation using relational databases. My language of choice is PHP using both Object Oriented Programing (OOP) as well as procedural methods. My code is clean, efficient, clever, well designed, documented and easily maintainable. I pride myself in this and view coding as an art form.

In my spare cycles, I'm just learning to develop applications on the Android platform in Java. I would very much like to delve into this area further and possibly switch gears as I feel I've done most everything I can do with PHP at this point. To this end, if you would be willing to allow me to ramp-up on-the-job, I would compromise in my salary requirements in exchange.

Please see my resume and biography for more in-depth details about how I can benefit your organization and the breadth of knowledge I bring.

On a personal note I am about to adopt two foster boys and therefore wish to simplify my work life. This is the main reason for my pivot from executive management to senior developer.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

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