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In 1998, I founded the gaming company WildTangent as employee #2 out of 160 at our peak, and departed during our third round of layoffs after 9/11. My time was split at WildTangent between total administration of our Linux servers (including building the corporate Intranet) and coding 2D/3D games and tools in Microsoft's Visual J++ (their version of Java and the precursor to C#) using our WebDriver API. At Lockdown Networks I used LAMP technologies (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Ruby and XML extensively to architect our product and several internal tools.

In November of 2002 I became employee #4 of LockdownNetworks which specializes in enterprise-level vulnerability management & assessment and (NAC) Network Access Control. I embraced many roles at Lockdown Networks including Product Development Manager, Senior Software Engineer, Lead Developer and Software Architect. I solely built an in-house CRM system (CRiMson) and developed a wireless scanner solution. Additionally, I have made significant contributions to the custom change request system (Roach), vastly improved the 2.x series of product, and re-wrote the architecture and GUI for 3.0, all while managing a team of up to six other developers. Unfortunately, after more than six years, Lockdown closed doors in March '08.

I was then quickly recruited by the CFO & CEO of YouSport, Inc., a ten-person soccer related social network site. After only six weeks, I was promoted from Sr. Software Engineer to Director of Technology/Architecture. I not only managed the development and test teams, but I also continued to code in the Symfony MVC PHP framework, wrote bash scripts and maintained all servers. When the company (as most were) was going through some financial difficulties due to the banking/mortgage crisis, I volunteered a $35k pay-cut to help stretch our funding. Unfortunately, the stock market crashed in late September '08 and we were unable to secure funding in time.

Five years ago I worked for Panasonic Avionics as the lead developer on the ground-side application "DART" (Data Acquisition Reporting Tool) into which all of the In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems report. The database is 100GB+ and over two billion rows, but only a few hundred users. I spear headed the re-design, and personally re-wrote the entire tool's architecture, improving it for both developers and customers alike.

Two years later I accepted a position in 2011 to join a small company called SCTR Services. There were only three developers including myself, the CTO and one other. This job was almost the opposite of PAC -- it was small databases with massive hits -- on the order of 30,000+ hits per second. Therefore a lot of creativity needed to be used which contradicts most conventional text-books. "Wide" queries, caching, template rendering, AJAX, etc... I learned an incredible amount and am quite proud of my contributions.

For the past two years I have been at a cloud services brokering marketplace called ComputeNext. I began in June 2014 as a Solution Architect where I was a technical liaison between the B2B customers and the 55 engineers in Chennai, India. After six months, the existing Chief Technology Officer tapped me to replace him, where I've been CTO ever since. Flagship customers include Zones and Digital Realty (the world's largest IaaS provider).

On a personal note I am about to adopt two young foster boy brothers (5 & 10) and therefore wish to simplify my work life. As CTO, I am working 10-16 hours every day, dealing with customers in multiple time-zones and a development team that is 13 hours offset, requiring me to have SCRUM and other meetings beginning at 10:30p most nights (usually for several hours). This is the reason for my pivot from executive management to senior developer.

I am extremely versatile and can perform many roles while multitasking. My strengths are in building tools, automation, interfaces, APIs, data mining and report generation using relational databases. My language of choice is PHP using both Object Oriented Programing (OOP) as well as procedural methods. I'm not a fan of off-the-shelf frameworks, however it's been many years since I last investigated them, so perhaps they have improved. My code is clean, efficient, clever, well designed, documented and easily maintainable. I pride myself in this and view coding as an art form. Please see my online résumé for many working examples, screen-shots and a Word doc version. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to ask me.


Some of my other achievements worth calling attention to, are that I have owned, operated and administered several Linux/Apache servers since 1992, building all of my machines by hand, so I'm no stranger to hardware either. I also worked as an editor and webmaster for the industry changing "boot", "MaximumPC", "MaximumLinux" and "PCGamer" magazines for several years. Prior to that, I owned a digital recording studio called The Matrix (which I then sold that domain to Warner Brothers).

In my spare cycles, I'm just learning to develop applications on the Android platform in Java. I would very much like to delve into this area further and possibly switch gears as I feel I've done most everything I can do with PHP at this point. I'm also an entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of Symcell Corporation who's sole product is called "Cell Me It", a (now defunct) mobile phone based service which allows shoppers to search products, compare pricing, obtain reviews and locate merchandise all without the use of a computer, and uses my Patent No. US 8,244,589 B2 Personalized audio controlled shopping information service for a mobile device IVR (text to speech) system.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Daevid Vincent
DAEVID-2241 (phone)